Harry Bosk

Meet Harry Bosk

Harry Bosk is no stranger to the camera – both sides of the lens, actually. His years as a Baltimore-based public relations professional have given Harry a keen eye for what makes a great photo. He believes that every photo should tell a story – without words. This unique perspective gives his portraiture, documentary, event and social media images a depth of character. More important than capturing the moment – is capturing the feeling.

When you ask clients about Harry, there’s a common theme: “Give Harry the assignment and he just knows what needs to be done. He’s on time, on budget and delivers a perspective that exceeds expectations.”

In addition to his event and portrait photography, Harry freelances for the Baltimore Business Journal, The Baltimore Sun and Jmore Magazine. His photos have won awards in a variety of competitions.

If you meet Harry on the street he’ll usually have his camera with him or his iPhone. He is a serial Instagramer and Facebook poster.

When he’s not taking photos, his favorite pastimes include running, walking his dog, Moo, and rooting for the Orioles and the Ravens. An avid lacrosse fan he follows both Johns Hopkins and Maryland.