Those who follow me on Facebook have gotten to know Ginger, the golden lab mix we adopted who had been in a kill shelter. As a professional photographer, who loves street photography, I am in the habit of bringing my camera with me wherever I go.

So, when Ginger goes for her walk at Cromwell Valley Park or in the neighborhood, I have my camera ready to take photos of her, often waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. Of course, she is also a member of the family, so just as frequently as I snap pix of my grandson I am frequently taking pix of her.

Like us, dogs want to have a job. They want to be useful whether it’s bringing happiness to a home, or guarding it. Accordingly, Ginger has a job as a volunteer for Pets on Wheels. Once a week, she visits the residents of the Genesis Senior Living Facility in Towson. She greets them with a rapidly wagging tail and eager to give licks if they let her.

This year we plan to give Ginger new opportunities for work as Pets On Wheels expands places for dogs to offer comfort and support. For example, dogs now serve as stress busters by visiting college students at campus unions during mid-terms and finals. And man’s and women’s best friend now visits public libraries during reading hours to provide a soothing presence for small children during reading hour.

This is the reason, I am eager to photograph dogs that are in shelters and other facilities where they are awaiting adoption. My goal is to show dogs in the best possible light, yes, pun intended, so that they can have the best opportunity to be adopted. There’s no place home, especially if you are a dog.

Harry Bosk's Dog, Ginger