4th of July Parade – Made in America for Photographers

4th of July Parade - Made in America, For Photographers What could be more mom, apple pie and red, white and blue than a good 4th of July parade? The Baltimore metropolitan area has several, Towson, Catonsville, Dundalk, as well as smaller neighborhood events. Each one offers photographers wonderful opportunities to capture images of marching bands, politicians, parade floats, children and pets. I love it.

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Learning Lobbying at a Young Age

W.C. Fields allegedly said he'd never be on the same stage with children and pet dogs. He recognized you can't compete with kids, not to mention Chihuahuas. So, who better to lobby for children than children themselves. Maryland Family Support Network With that in mind, every year, the Maryland Family Support Network) brings parents, staff, and children from its statewide constituencies to meet with legislators

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Travels with Ginger

Travels with Ginger — If you own a dog then you know it’s a member of the family. Bill Clinton once advised; if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog. A dog is a man’s best friend isn’t a truism that came from out of nowhere. And, today, of course, a dog is also a women’s best friend. After Dana and I bought

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William Tell at the Color Photo

William Tell at the State Fair, this balloon barker was eager to help me do what was necessary to get a good color photo, even risking getting hit by a off target dart. It was a hot, humid night with a small crowd that made it easy for this guy to joke around and offer himself up for a good photo. The backdrop offered great

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