Photographing MaryBeth Hyland’s Project — Documenting the Work of High Achieving Millennials

MaryBeth Hyland, a millenial, would be the first to tell you that there is no such thing as natural charisma. She has it but it’s an attribute she learned. Her classroom was restaurants where she waitressed and where you get better tips when you engage with customers. It was in classrooms where she tutored Baltimore City School children. It was in the nonprofit arena where

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Building Confidence – Showing Confidence

Building Confidence, Showing Confidence Journalists Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, authors of the Confidence Code, sponsored a program by the same name at the Hilton Baltimore this spring. Building confidence in young girls was an underlying theme. The American Business Journals, corporate parent of the Baltimore Business Journal hired me to be the conference photographer and I consider myself lucky to have gotten this job.

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Stealing the Show

Meet tomorrow's next member of the Maryland House of Delegates. I photographed this little girl on an assignment for the Baltimore Business Journal. She wasn't the focus of my assignment, it was getting photos of folks like her dad, a Montgomery County delegate and his colleagues. But, she caught my attention and I captured a lighter moment of the General Assembly’s opening day. Like most

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New Dog in Town

There’s a New Dog in Town The best cure for recovering from the loss of an old dog is to get a new one. Give yourself time to grieve and then move on. We moved on with Moo. A few weeks after losing Ginger to an untimely death due to liver cancer, we began to look at the prospects for bringing a new pet into

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My Photography in the Baltimore Sun

Only a grump would not enjoy the proverbial Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame. I had mine recently. The Baltimore Sun featured a collection of my street photography on its website. Along with my photos, the Sun posted a video interview with me. I wax and wane about photography but the interview gets to the core of my love for street photography. I’ve been working

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Meet the Gang Hanging Out On Hickory Street

Meet(left to right) Margaret, Roy and Rose, part of the crew you often see in Hampden. They were bumming for spare change, booze and/or cigarettes. Margaret I see often, typically she isn’t coherent and is high on something. Roy, a new addition to the group, I met the other day. He seems like a nice, soft spoken guy. Rose I met for the first time

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Reverend Calvin of the Nazarene Church

On Sunday mornings, Reverend Calvin stands outside the Nazarene Church on Harford Road in northeast Baltimore to greet his congregation. During the summer, I’ve spotted the Reverend many times on my way to the farmer’s market. You can’t miss seeing him. He is always decked out in sartorial splendor. He wears bright suits that are typically pastels. I’ve admired his yellow, blue, and rose-colored ones.

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Senator Barbara A. Mikulski

I am going to miss Senator Mikulski though I suspect she won’t retire from public life, just the battles in the senate. I’ve met her a few times and while I’ve found her friendly, she isn’t someone I’d want to quarrel with or debate. Pugnacious, passionate and fiery fit her. She takes no prisoners. She earned her stripes by fighting city hall over plans to

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Bee season

Caught this guy with the flowers Had a 105 macro lens on yesterday and was lucky enough to catch this guy buzzing.

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